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DevExpress VCL v2011 vol1.8 Full Source

What’s New in Build v2011 vol 1.8
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DevArt UniDAC v.4.1.3 D6-XE2 Full Source

4.1.3 23-Nov-11

Update 2 for RAD Studio XE2, Delphi XE2, and C++Builder XE2 is now required
Mac OS X and iOS in RAD Studio XE2 is supported
FireMonkey support is improved
Lazarus and FPC 2.4.4 are supported
Mac OS X in Lazarus is supported
Linux x64 in Lazarus is supported
FreeBSD in Lazarus is supported
Bug with memory leak in TDALoader is [...]

MCM DESIGN Imaging SDK for D3-D2010

VCL components for image processing and document scanning.
The VCL components includes: TWAIN support for scanning images, reading and storing images in different file formats and to databases, thumbnail viewer, print & print previews, Color format conversion, histograms, filters, spatial transformation and OCR.
Imaging Toolkit for Delphi v3.3
OCR Toolkit for Delphi v1.3
TWAIN Toolkit for Delphi v3.10
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Fixing TCriticalSection Class

TCriticalSection (along with TMonitor) suffers from a severe design flaw in which entering/leaving different TCriticalSection instances can end up serializing your threads, and the whole can even end up performing worse than if your threads had been serialized.
This is because it’s a small, dynamically allocated object, so several TCriticalSection instances can end up in the [...]