Foxit Quick PDF ActiveX Viewer v13.12.1.3 Include SN

Debenu PDF Viewer SDK (“DPVS”) is a standard ActiveX Control

Delphi Quick Start Guide
1. Start Delphi and select ​Component | Import ActiveX Control…
2. Look for DPVS ActiveX control (dialog displays the ActiveX controls registered on your
3. Select the Component palette location in which you want to place selected library.
4. It’s best to leave the ActiveX option selected.
5. Click on Install.
6. Select a package where the new component must be installed or create a new package
for the new DPVS ActiveX control.
7. Click on OK.
8. Delphi will ask you whether you want to rebuild the modified/new package or not.
9. Click on Yes.
10. After the package is compiled, Delphi will show you a message saying that the new
DPVS ActiveX component was registered and already available as part of the VCL.
11. Close the package detail window, allowing Delphi to save the changes to it.
12. The component is now available in the ActiveX tab (if you didn’t change this setting in
step 4)
13. Drop the component on a form, and then use it.

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